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Aloha From Kauai!

Embark on a Kauai backcountry adventure by zip line or on foot, indulge in a chocolate farm tour, or plant your feet on a surfboard and ride the waves. The island of Kauai is a tropical oasis, blanketed in lush rainforest and vibrant flora. Often called the Garden Isle, Kauai is known for its pristine beaches, dramatic cliffs, and hiking and water sport activities from coast to coast.

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Activities are subject to availability, cancellation fee and restrictions. Activities booked through this page are booked directly with the activity operator and are subject to FareHarbor’s terms of service  and the terms and conditions of the activity operator. Hawaiian Airlines is not involved in the transaction between the purchaser and the activity operator other than as a point of referral. The activity operator is responsible for all aspects of bookings for its activities, including cancellations, returns, and any related customer service. Hawaiian Airlines makes no representations regarding the level of service offered by an activity operator.